Before and After

Initial situation::

The patient came with a few bad, hopeless teeth..

Work performed:

We removed the hopeless teeth and installed 4 implants at once. In this case, we used Mega Gen Any Rige implant for immediate loading.

Implant Mega Gen Any Rige

Temporary composite teeth were immediately installed during implantation. 6 months after the final osseointegration of the implants, we will replace the temporary teeth with permanent ones – stronger and more durable. The best option is teeth made of zirconium dioxide, reinforced with a milled titanium beam.

This is what temporary teeth look like after 6 months of use and before replacement with permanent ones. The second photo shows the condition of the jaw after the removal of temporary teeth and before the installation of permanent ones.

A complete 3D project of permanent teeth, developed in our dental laboratory.

Finished permanent teeth. Zirconium oxide on a titanium beam.

The result obtained by the patient after implantation: