ODBUDOWA. Kompleksowa rehabilitacja. Protetyka na implantach i Twoich zębach.

Comprehensive rehabilitation.

Upper completely toothless jaw.

6 K3 Pro Sure implants were installed. A bur with attachments is screwed to them. The bridge with composite teeth of Merz Dental is reliably fixed on a beam. The patient removes this bridge himself and has the opportunity to clean everything well around implants.

This method of fixing the bridge on a metal beam is suitable for prosthetics of edentulous jaws with significant loss of hard and soft tissues, provides good hygiene and avoids long and complicated operations for augmentation of hard and soft tissues.

On the lower jaw on 7 front teeth 8 metal-ceramic crowns are installed by one bridge and a removable partial denture with attachments is attached to them with the help of attachments.

The advantage of this design is the ability for patients to maintain a high level of hygiene, and therefore, such teeth will serve them for a long time.