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Treatment of tooth decay and its complications

Nowadays everyone has heard about caries. But often people do not know basics: what are its main causes as well as the consequences of untreated cases. Caries – is a disease of the hard tissues of the tooth that results in the gradual destruction of enamel, dentine and its structure. The main causes of caries are:

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Pediatric Dentistry

It is not a secret that children are afraid of doctors, especially of dentists. This odd sound of the drill machine and dental equipment terrifies them. It is therefore important to find the right approach to the little patient. In this case, the dentist should be a pediatrician and psychologist as well. Our dentist Olga Shevtsova who has a great experience in working with children has all these qualities. Here are some tips from her.

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Professional hygiene nowadays is a very important component in treatment of all dental diseases.
Hygiene of the oral cavity – is a professional teeth cleaning by removing plaque above and beneath the gumline. We recommend you to have a professional teeth cleaning twice a year. If this procedure is not done regularly, a dark deposit may appear around the necks of the teeth and this way forms a dental stone.

These deposits can go deep for 3-5 mm under the gums and cause periodontitis. The deposit can even appear in people who carefully look after their teeth, because, usually, these are the places that the toothbrush can not reach during the cleaning process.

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Esthetic restoration of the teeth

Aesthetic restoration of the teeth – is a method of restorement of the lost tooth structure by the usage of advanced composite materials. High quality tooth restoration will permanently eliminate dental cavities, enamel defects, various inequalities and tooth darkening. This method preserves the maximum amount of enamel and dentin. During the restoration process the important thing is to keep the complete imitation of the natural tooth appearance, that is why ,in this case ,we combine dentistry and artistic skills. It is difficult to distinguish a high quality dental restoration from natural teeth. Cavities, enamel defects, various irregularities, darkening and deposits on the teeth are gone forever. These teeth have a natural color, clarity, good shape, and even shine.

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Fixed Prosthesis

Fixed prosthesis include dental prothesis that are fixed with cement and they always remain in the oral cavity. This is why they are called fixed prosthesis. Fixed prosthesis include : inlays, onlays, veneers, lumineers, crowns and bridges.

Thanks to veneers, lumineers, inlays and onlays (thin plates), we can perform a separate method of non-removable prosthesis – microprosthesis. They are firmly attached to the teeth with a special adhesive system. With their help, you can change the shape and color of the front teeth, this way creating a whole new smile. This technique is also used on the back teeth and when abrasion exists.

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