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Shevtsov Dmytro Viktorovych

foto_1 Finished Gorlivskyi medical college in 1991 with a degree in “Orthopedic dentistry” .

In 1991 – 1995 – worked in the Buchach central district hospital as a dental technician .
From 1995 till 2000 – worked in a private firm in Ternopil as a dental technician

In 2000 he founded the dental laboratory ” Dent Master “, that later became a dental office ” Dent Master”. Right now the laboratory functions together with the dental office as a complex.

Since 1995 he attended various courses, the largest of which were:
– In Germany in 1998 in the firm VITA
– In Germany in 2005 in the firm Bego Dental Academy after this course he passed an exam , which corresponds to the German “Master Technician “.

In 2006 he entered the Ternopil State Medical University named after Gorbachevskyi to a better (improve) education and a dentist.

Dmytro believes that years of experience as a dental technician allow to create a better orthopedic treatment plan and successfully implement it thanks to the team of professionals at “Dent Master” .

His life slogan is – only true love to the work you do will lead you to success.

Shevtsova Olga Oleksandrivna

Шевцова Ольга Олександрівна In 1991 graduated Gorlivskyi medical college as a “Medical nurse” .

From 1991 till 1999 – worked as a nurse in the Buchach central district hospital in the trauma-surgery department.

From 1999 till 2004 – studied in Ivano- Frankivsk Medical Academy, which she graduated with a “Dentist” degree.

From 2004 till 2005 – passed an internship in the Ternopil dental clinic.

From 2005 till 2009 – worked as a dentist in a dental office “Treatment without pain ” in Ternopil.

Since 2009 she works as a dentist in a dental office ” Live -dent .”

Since 2011 she works as a dentist in a dental office ” Dent Master “.

She participated in different training courses, after which she received a second category. Also she attended many different courses in dentistry, what can be proven be by numerous certificates. In addition to endodontic treatment and aesthetic dentistry, Olga has extensive experience in working with children.

Her life slogan is – to fight and to seek, to find and not to give up.