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About Us

Dentistry «DentMaster»

Dentistry «DentMaster» was founded in 2011 by a team of professionals with extensive experience in variousтareas of practice dentistry. «Dent Master» has not only a dental office, but also an equipped modern dental laboratory, where different types of complex and esthetic prosthetics are a major priority. We can certainly state that we are professionals, as the laboratory works for nearly 20 years, now. During this period we have created charming smiles for patients not only from all over Ukraine, but also from abroad. Our specialists in dental technics and dentistry, regularly attend different training courses, exhibitions and conferences. Our office is filled with equipment and materials by well-known European and Japanese manufacturers.

Our Doctors

Dmytro Shevtsov
Dmytro Shevtsovdentist
Gorlivskyi medical college with a degree in “Orthopedic dentistry”
Ternopil State Medical University with a degree in «Dentistry»
Main directions of activity:
– orthopedic dentistry
– dental implants
– surgical dentistry
– direct and indirect dental restoration.
In 2000 he founded the dental laboratory ”Dent Master “, that later became a dental office ” Dent
Master”. Right now the laboratory functions together with the dental office as a complex.
Since 1995 he attended various professional courses in Ukraine and abroad.
His life slogan is – only true love to the work you do will lead you to success.
Olga Shevtsova
Olga Shevtsovadentist
Gorlivskyi medical college with a degree in “Medical nurse” .
Ivano-Frankivsk Medical Academy with a “Dentist” degree.
Main directions of activity:
– periodontology
– pediatric dentistry
– endodontics
– direct and indirect dental restoration.
She participated in different training courses, after which she received a second category. Also she
attended many different courses in dentistry, what can be proven be by numerous certificates. In
addition to endodontic treatment and aesthetic dentistry, Olga has extensive experience in working
with children.
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